Did Your Allreds Live in:

Western North Carolina,
Kentucky or

Did you ever hear of the State of Franklin?

Tennessee officially became a State on June 1, 1776.  Prior to that, most of it was considered part of North Carolina although the northern lines were blurred and some northern sections were considered part of Virginia.   

In the days before statehood, 6 counties—Washington, Sullivan, and Greene in East Tennessee; and Davidson, Sumner, and Tennessee County in Middle Tennessee—had been formed as western counties of North Carolina.

Protection from the Indians and the right to navigate the Mississippi River—went mainly unheeded by North Carolina's government in the 1780s.  In 1784, this led frustrated East Tennesseans to form the breakaway State of Franklin.

For Allred research, this means records (land, court, probate, etc.) could be filed in any of these States:  North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky and the now defunct State of Franklin.

A great place to explore how the State of Tennessee and its Counties were formed, visit http://www.tngenweb.org/maps/county-ani/tn-maps/tn-cf.html