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Excerpt from the Research Report on Jonathan Allred (1772 - 1850) written by:  Dawnell Griffin (May 1999)

(This research report is 187 pages long and details Dawnell's research.  It contains transcriptions of original documents, photos and family group sheets.  To purchase a copy, contact Keith Allred.

Jonathan Allred, son of Theophilus Allred and Margaret Ann Chaney was born the 16th of November 1772 in Randolph County, NC.  More than likely, his father, Theolphilus died between 1782 and 1790, leaving his mother, Margaret, a widow.

On the 13th of Dec 1773, an inventory of bonds, bills and notes due on the estate of John McKee, deceased, former merchant of Orange County, NC included the names of James, John, Solomon, Theophilus, Thomas and William Allred.  In 1782, Theophilus appears on the tax list for Orange County, NC but by 1790 Theophilus does not appear in the census records.  A search has been made for land and probate records, but at this point there are no records to determine the exact date of his death.

No other children for Theophilus and Margaret Chaney Allred have been identified.  (2 more sons were identified in 2009. Click Here to read that report.)  A notation dated July 30, 1953, written in long hand states the following:

May 9, 1840 Thomas Tanner and Rachel Tanner wrote two letters on a large, double sheet of paper.  One letter was addressed to Jonathan Allred and Nancy Allred and began "Dear brother and sister."

The other on the same sheet was addressed to Samuel Bowman and Elizabeth Bowman and began "Dear brother and sister" also.  (This indicates Elizabeth was sister of Jonathan)  Baley Allred old papers, J. W. Allred owner.

One would assume, at first glance, that both Elizabeth and Rachel were Jonathan's sisters.  However, there are three entries in the Jonathan Allred family Bible that give birth dates for what appear to be three sisters: Margaret Stillwell, Rachell Stillwell and Elizabeth Stillwell.  More than likely these were Margaret Chaney's nieces.  Elizabeth Stillwell was married to Samuel Bowman and lived in Overton County, TN.

The 1860 Census for Livingston, Overton County, TN lists 60 year old Samuel Bowman as a farmer, born in North Carolina with real estate in Overton County valued at $2500.  His wife, Elizabeth gave her age as 71 and stated that she also was born in North Carolina.  A son, Allen, age 35, was born in Tennessee.  Living next door were E. N. Bowman age 31, Methiah age 32, Martha A. age 7, Isaac T age 6, Amelia C. age 5, Robert T. age 3, George N. age 2, all born in Tennessee.  I also have a photocopy of a portion of a land record that apparently included two tracts of land involving property that bounded that of "Josiah Bowman and Charles Allred" ... to a conditional corner made by said Bowman and Allred...   In 1830, Samuel Bowman was
witness on a land deed involving Jonathan Allred and which is hereafter presented.  Family oral history claims that when Margaret Chaney came to Overton County with her son Jonathan, she brought a little girl with her. More than likely this was Elizabeth Stillwell, her niece.

Believing that the Stillwell children were left orphaned, I checked the probate and land records for Randolph County and was able to locate one solitary document.  On the first day of April 1825, Alexander Gray and Jesse Harper were involved in a land transaction.  Apparently Seth Wade, then deceased, had conveyed a tract of land in the Western District of Tennessee to Alexander Gray on the 3rd of June 1824.  It was part of a grant or warrant in the 12 district, fourth range, eighth section...."and whereas the
said Seth Wade by the deed aforesaid conveyed to the said Alexander Gray all his right, title, interest, estate, claim and demand both at law and in equity of in and to the Estate of Thomas Stillwell late of Johnston County in North Carolina deceased and all his right title interest estate claim and demand of and to a certain suit instituted by the said Seth Wade in the Court of Equity for Randolph County against Elenor W. Stillwell and Philiip
Raiford of Johnston County aforesaid the administratrix and adminstrators of the estate of the said Thomas Stillwell deceased...."  No conclusions can be drawn at present, but research is continuing.

In 1880 there are four males and four females living in the household of Margaret Chaney.  Possibly, the oldest mail, over the age of 45, was her father, Frances.  The male 26 - 45 would have been Jonathan, but the remaining members of the household have not been identified.