The Allred Family Cemetery near Pioneer, Scott County, Tennessee sits on top of a mountain off Baker Highway.  GPS:  36.395008 - 84.335267

Allred Family Cemetery
Scott County, Tennessee

In 1999, several Allred cousins went on a combination Research and Cousin Visiting Trip to Overton, Fentress, Scott and Knox Counties, Tennessee.  During that trip, we spent an afternoon with Rachel Allred who lived next door to the Allred Family Cemetery in Scott County, TN on land inherited by her late husband, Jesse Thomas Allred (1913-1995).  From left, front row: Linda Allred Cooper (NC), Eddie Clay Allred (NC), Lawrence Allen (NC), Hollis Allred (NC), Larry Allred (TN);  From left, back row:  Gene Wood (TN), Ruth Wood (Ky), Dot Allred Allen (NC), Rachel Allred (TN), Linda Allred (UT), Adrian Allred (NC), Bobbie Wood (TN).

Rachel showed off her Family Tree with photos of her children and grandchildren.

Rachel then guided us around the Allred Family Cemetery where her husband and many members of his family were buried.

Rachel Allred watching Larry Allred "chalk" the tombstone of Lelia Allred.  This grave is surrounded by a wrought iron fence, the only grave with a private fence in the cemetery.  Rachel told us that Lelia's parents had to move to another county shortly after Lelia's death and were concerned about animals disturbing the grave while they were gone.  So they erected the fence to keep the animals out.  Click on each photo below to see enlarged version:

Lelia, daughter of Benjamin and Sarah Allred, 8/7/1872 - 3/15/1889
Lee Byrd (US Army, WWII, Korea) 1923 - 1977
Linda A. Dring Byrd, 10/10/1944 - 6/25/1974
Baty Byrd, 5/22/1884 - 3/14/1958 and Rachel Byrd & infant son, 1/26/1902 - 6/12/1934
John Wymer Lay, son of William and Mamie Lay, 3/11/1937 - 6/26/1937
William P. Allred, 5/9/1909 - 2/13/1988 and Pauline Allred, 7/23/1924 - no date
Benton Allred, 2/13/1942 - 10/9/1976 and Emily H. Allred, 6/5/1942 - no date.  (married 1/3/1963)
Benton Allred, 2/13/1942 - 10/9/1976 (same as above tombstone)
Mamie Allred - Lay, 5/20/1911 - 9/2/1984
Harold Byrd (SFC US Army, WWII) 9/20/1918 - 4/1/1993
Zoe and John H. Allred's tombstones (see below)
Zoe Allred, 11/4/1882 - 2/26/1967
John H. Allred, 6/23/1877 - 5/3/1957
Jesse Thomas Allred, 11/12/1913 - 8/26/1995
Sarah S. Allred, 6/1/1842 - 7/21/1923
Rachel Lay Allred, 7/25/1919 - no date  (Rachel was our host and guide the day we visited and photographed the cemetery in 1999.  It was an odd feeling to be shown the tombstone of our host by our host.)
Bertha Mae Allred, 6/1936 - 9/1936
Junior Burton Nick Allred, 1/2/1932 - 12/1/1986
Rebia Allred, 9/23/1915 - 9/21/1936
Archie Allred, 1908 - 1980 and Ruby L. Allred, 1931 - no date
Esther R. Allred, 1916 - 1979