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As Promised - I will keep this page updated with information about the amount of Donations that have come in and how they are spent.

Any balance in the bank will go toward Research Projects I am currently working on.   As the money is spent - or more donations come in - I will update this page.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. Receipts available if you need to see them or have questions.  Just ask.  Updated 6/18/2021

2018-2019 Donations and Expense Report

2020 Donations and Expense Report



As Of Donations Spent Explanation Total Spent Balance
12/18/2020 Amount Brought Forward 483.59
2/9/2021 100 Research Trip to Library of Virginia (Archives), Richmond, VA 100 383.59
2/13/2021 100 Donation from Zoom Meeting 483.59
2/19/2021 40 Donation toward website expense 523.59
4/23/2021 419.88 419.88 103.71
4/23/2021 75 Donation toward website expense 178.71
5/1/2021 50 Research Trip to NC Archives in Raleigh 50 128.71
5/1/2021 201.6 Adobe Software 201.6 <72.89>
5/2/2021 49.99 49.99 <122.88>
6/18/2021 100 Donation from Zoom Meeting <22.88>

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