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Allred is my passion!   It all started during a visit to my Aunt's house.  She pulled out a basket full of photographs  - none had names on the back - and started telling me who the people were.  Aunt So-and-So, Uncle So-and-So, Grandpa This-and-That....I'm sure you have family photos with no names written on the back and can relate.  I thought Wait A Minute!  Someone needs to start writing this stuff down!!  So I did.

I have been doing historical and genealogical research on all branches of my family including the Allred Family for over 27 years and have a large collection of research reports, family histories and stories, original records, etc.  But, sitting in my computer, the information wasn't helping anyone.  Sharing is another passion!

This website is all about Gathering and Sharing!   My collection is in the process of being posted and I hope you will consider sharing your collection/information too.  I want this to be a website that All Allreds can use and benefit from.   My only requirement is that the information you share is documented and citations are included.  If you do not have documentation or need help with citations, please let me know.  Ask for help!  I will be glad to help you figure out if the information is accurate.

Disclaimer:  although this website is private owned by me, two Allred cousins:  Alice Allred Pottmyer of North Carolina and Bob Olson of Utah have the passwords and have agreed to keep this website going in the event something happens to me (Maybe I win the lottery and run off to a private island?  Maybe I drop dead from shock of finally winning the lottery...lots of scenarios...).   I want this to be a Forever Website - not one that disappears in a few years.

My email link is below my photo - I usually respond the same day.  I look forward to hearing from you!!



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