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Solomon #2

Brand New Research Report released August 24, 2023

There were lots of men named Solomon Allred and it can be very confusing sorting them all out.  To simplify things, I am numbering some of them.

Our first American Ancestor was Solomon Allred (#1) born 1680 Lancashire, England.
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for more information about Solomon #1.   Solomon #1 lived long enough to migrate to North Carolina after the 1730 Chester County, PA Tax List.   His death date is not known and his grave has not been found.   I want to stress:  no documentation has been found to prove when or where he died however he disappears after the 1755 Orange County, NC Tax List was taken.   My thought is he died shortly after that date.  This is just a theory and I am very open to feedback and new information/documentation.  If you have information/documentation to dispute and/or prove this, please contact me!!

What is not disputed is Solomon #1 had a son named Solomon (#2) and grandsons named Solomon and keeping them all sorted out is very confusing.  See the chart on the left of your screen for links to their information (information being posted as research allows).   Land records prove a man named Solomon Allred received his first land grant (below) in 1752.  I believe this is Solomon #1.  Later, a younger man, also named Solomon, is listed in land records.  I believe this is Solomon #2.  Again - I am open to feedback and any information you may have to dispute this theory on who these men were.

The land the Allreds lived on in the mid 1700's is now part of Randolph County, NC.  To understand how the counties formed and changed, visit

Click Here to see where the Original Allreds lived in North Carolina on today's map

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Solomon #2's Estate Papers (below)
Original documents on file in the estate papers for Richmond County, NC;

Research Room, NC Archives, Raleigh, NC


State of North Carolina
Richmond County

Know all men by these presents that we Benjamin Beard and Joseph Hinds are held and firmly bound unto Alexander Martin, Exq., Governor in and over the state for the time being and in the sum of fifty pounds apiece to be laid unto the same or his successor in office. To the which payment will truly to be made we bind ourselves and each of us, our and each of our heirs, executors, administrators and assigns jointly and severally, firmly by these presents, sealed with our seals and dated this 30 day of December Amo Dom 1782.

The condition of this obligation is such that if the above bounden Benjamin Beard, Administrator of all and singular the good and chattles rights and credits of Solomon Allred, deceased do make or cause to be made a true and perfect inventory of all and singular the good and chattle rights and credits of the said deceased.

December 26, 1782

An Inventory of the Estate of Solomon Allred, Deceased

One horse taken away by _______
One horse taken by General Harrelton’s men
A rifle gun taken by Thomas Jennins
two head of cattle
small stock of hoggs
two beds of furniture
two iron tools
one dutch oven
some pewter
some working tooles

January 17, 1783

An account of sale of Solomon Allred’s estate

To Edward Williams - 2 cows L 5-0-0
To Mary Allred - 2 beds of furniture 2-1-0
a tool of a dutch oven 1-12-0
a grayent saw and a hog 3-3-0
a bedstand and a linen wheel 0-3-0
to Solomon ____ a water pale 0-3-0
to Solomon Allred a broad ax 0-15-6
and a whipsaw 3-2-0
To Jonathan Haney 3 chears 0-6-0
To Izra Boffick a chest 0-13-0

As Executed by Benjamin Beard, Adm.