Research By
Linda Allred Cooper

1682 Voyage of the Ship Submission
Learn how some of our ancestors sailed to America

From England to North Carolina to all across America
How, When and Why did our Allred ancestors travel?

The 1695 Letter And Its Meaning to Allred Family History
This important letter is examined and analyzed

John's Attempts To Come To America

Allred or Aldridge?  Are They The Same Family?
The names are similar - but research and DNA proves they are 2 different families

A British Allred's DNA Results and Family History
Yes - the Allreds in UK and USA are related!

Where Did The American Allreds Come From?
Learn where our ancestors lived prior to and why they came to America

 John Allred (1635-1701) and wife Ellen Pemberton Allred ((1638-1684)
Who were these ancestors and what were their lives like?



York Research
by:  Ron & Jim York

York Family Research
Solomon Allred born 1680 married Anne York.  Learn her family history.