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Allred History Zoom
The Great Wagon Road
Learn how our ancestors traveled from Pennsylvania to North Carolina.  Click here for the Handout.

Allred History Zoom:  The Regulators and Battle of Alamance Part 1
Allred History Zoom:  The Regulators and Battle of Alamance Part 2
Some of our Allred Ancestors were Regulators and fought in the Battle of Alamance May 16, 1771

Click here for the Handout

Video Tour of
Allred Sites in Randolph County, NC

Made March 2000

Allred History Zoom
Allred Genealogy and DNA

Learn 3 Ways DNA Can Be Useful in Genealogical Research

Research Reports

1682 Voyage of the Ship Submission
Learn how some of our ancestors sailed to America

DNA Proves Allred and Aldred Are The Same Family

There is Only ONE Allred Family in the Whole Wide World

From England to North Carolina to all across America
How, When and Why did our Allred ancestors travel?

The 1695 Letter And Its Meaning to Allred Family History
This important letter is examined and analyzed

John's Attempts To Come To America

York Family Research
Solomon Allred born 1680 married Anne York.  Learn her family history.

Allred or Aldridge?  Are They The Same Family?
The names are similar - but research and DNA proves they are 2 different families

A British Allred's DNA Results and Family History
Yes - the Allreds in UK and USA are related!

Where Did The American Allreds Come From?
Learn where our ancestors lived prior to and why they came to America

 John Allred (1635-1701) and wife Ellen Pemberton Allred ((1638-1684)
Who were these ancestors and what were their lives like?

Which John Was That?
Research Identifying Which John Was The Son of John Allred (died 1792)

No Leaf Unturned:  New Research into the identity of an Allred Ancestor 
Larry Cates details his research and findings about his Allred ancestor

Time Machine
Take a Trip Back in Time to Visit our Allred Ancestors

Pendleton, Lancashire, England - Ancestral Home Of The Allred Family