Solomon born 1680 England
.....William #1 c. 1715 - c. 1762
..........William #2 c. 1742 - 1825
...............Sarah c. 1771-c.1801
...............John 1764-1849
....................Elisha Allred 1803-1854
....................Jane Allred Carter abt 1794-1849
....................Sarah Allred Free b 1795-aft1849
...............William #3 1765-1849
...............Elizabeth 1769-1848
...............Nancy c. 1767 - 1827
...............Mary "Polly" 1774-1843
...............Samuel 1777-1848

Why did Elizabeth name Thomas Allred in her Will?

Elizabeth Diffee Allred states in her will “I give to Thomas Allred son of Eli Allred a Certain tract of land lying on the waters of Sandy Creek Adjoining Samuel Trogdon Containing One hundred and forty four acres.” Why?   To our knowledge, the only relationship between Thomas Allred and Elizabeth Diffee Allred was distant.  Elizabeth’s husband, William, had a first cousin named Thomas Allred (died 1810 Randolph County, NC).   This Thomas Allred had a son named Eli.   So, through marriage, Elizabeth Diffee Allred would have been Eli Allred’s first cousin and cousin to the Thomas Allred who she left the land to. Why would she leave such a large tract of land to him?

How did Elizabeth come to own this land?   Two years earlier, William had died and left Elizabeth her widow’s dower which was 1/3 of his estate. But, William’s will clearly states “I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Elizabeth Allred one third part of the tract of land I now live on……..and at her marriage or death the whole to fall to John and William”. So, where did the 144 acres of land come from that Elizabeth left to Thomas Allred in her will?

The answer lies in Elizabeth’s estate records. Dated December 1827, Elizabeth’s estate settlement lists the money Elizabeth had recently inherited from Jane Diffee. By looking at land records, we find that Jane Diffee also owned 144 acres located on Sandy Creek. Remember, Elizabeth’s will described the land given to Thomas Allred as 144 acres on Sandy Creek. It’s fairly safe to deduct from this that Elizabeth also inherited land from Jane Diffee along with the money mentioned earlier, the same land she later gave to Thomas Allred.

But why?   Who was Jane Diffee? Why would she leave her land and money to Elizabeth?

Some researchers think Jane Diffee was the wife of Moses Allred, but we don’t think so. Moses Allred and his wife had children – why would his wife leave her money and land to Elizabeth?

Was Jane Diffee the mother of Elizabeth? We don’t think so. Elizabeth had siblings who she mentions in her will. If Jane was Elizabeth’s mother, why would she leave her money and land to Elizabeth and not share some of it with her other children?   And why would Elizabeth turn right around and leave that same land to Thomas Allred – a Great Nephew – and not leave it to her siblings in her own will?

Could Elizabeth be the mother of Jane Diffee?  Maybe!!   Here are the clues: on March 13, 1788, a Bastardy Bond was filed in Randolph County court for a Elizabeth Diffee who had “delivered which child is a Bastard”. Elizabeth had named James Dunbar as the father. Marriage records show James Dunbar later married another woman, leaving Elizabeth single and a mother. That child would have been given Elizabeth’s surname: Diffee.   What if that child was a little girl………..a little girl named Jane Diffee?

Remember we already have questions about whether or not Elizabeth Diffee Allred was the only wife of William Allred and the mother of his children.   What if she was the same Elizabeth Diffee who gave birth to the illegitimate child?

Suppose that child never married or had any children. Suppose that child grew up, acquired some land and money, and upon her death, left that land and money to her mother – Elizabeth?   Jane died Intestate – without a will.   At that time, Intestate Laws gave the estate inheritance to the living spouse, children, then siblings – in that order.   Yet, we have proof Elizabeth inherited the money and we think Elizabeth also inherited the land from Jane’s estate.

Could Elizabeth have been Jane’s mother?

And, how does Thomas Allred fit into the picture?

Can you solve the mystery?