Six men named Allred appeared in North Carolina land records in the 1750's.  Most American Allreds can trace their roots back to one or more of these men so it's little wonder that we consider North Carolina the

                   Home of the Allred family 

Although some family members left the area a generation later, many descendants remained in North Carolina; some still live on the original family land.  As North Carolina became more populated and grew, new counties were created and county lines changed making genealogy research in central NC challenging.  Using land records, we've been able to pin-point exactly where those first men lived.  Using court documents, tax listings, wills, probate records, and various family documents, we've been able to piece together a good idea of what life was like for these men and their families.

This page is devoted to posting all the available information on the Allred family that lived in and still lives in North Carolina.  You'll find links to some of the information and more is being posted as it is found, so check back often.

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