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The northern half of Alabama is home to a large number of Allreds, most descending from two branches of our family tree:

the man known as Thomas "Jr." (1771-1852)
and John Allred (abt 1775 - bef 1860)

Report on Thomas Allred "Jr's" brother, Solomon Allred and his wife Mary Aldridge, and links to letters written to and by this couple.

Was Thomas the son of William Allred c1712-c1771?  Read: The Mystery of Betty Allred of Randolph County, NC

The man traditionally known as Thomas Allred, "Jr" is a mystery.   There is no documentation proving he every used the title Jr or Junior.  Although there are a lot of family stories saying he was the son of Thomas Allred who died 1810 in Randolph County, NC,  no documentation has been found to prove this.   (The title Jr first appears in the book Allred Family in America, but where/why the title was given is a mystery.)  Family tradition says he was born in Randolph County, North Carolina, but again, no proof.  There is, however, strong circumstantial evidence that he married Margaret Alldredge, possibly in Tennessee.  Some of his children were born in Tennessee and some were born in Alabama.  By 1818, members of the family were living in Blount County, Alabama.   Thomas "Jr" traveled back and forth between Alabama and Tennessee his entire adult life, finally dying in Knox County, TN.  He is buried in Glenwood Baptist Church Cemetery, located just north of Knoxville, TN.   Although Thomas "Jr." traveled back and forth from TN to AL, most of his family remained in and around Blount County, Alabama and many still live there today.   A new research report on this man is "in the works" and will be posted here soon.

John Allred (abt 1775 - bef 1860) was possibly born in South Carolina, but lived in northwest Georgia most of his life.  John is also one of our mystery Allreds.   No one has been able to figure out who his parents were .  Many of his descendants now live in Floyd, Polk, Haralson, and surrounding counties in Georgia, and in Cherokee County, Alabama.

These pages are dedicated to learning more about these two men and their families.  As we find and document information, we will be posting it here for everyone to view and share.  Hopefully it will inspire conversation about these families - and inspire each of you to join us in our research.

Please contact us if you have information to share!  We encourage your participation in our Alabama efforts!!