Newsletter #113 - Winter 2017-2018

Page 1     Presidents Column
Page 2     Randolph County Allred Reunion
Page 3     Randolph County Allred Reunion Photos
Page 4-5  AFO Financial Reports
Page 7-8    Allreds in the American Revolution
Page 9-11   Allreds Through History
Page 12     Great Wagon Road Maps
Page 13      AFO Membership Application 
Page 14-15  Obituaries
Page 16    Allreds Making Their Mark (Loren Allred)
Page 17    Allred Photo Page (Medwin Newton Allred Family) 
Page 18    Family Tree Relationship Chart
Page 18    Rocky Mountain Allred Reunion Announcement
Page 19    AFO Leadership

The Allred Family Newsletter is published quarterly and contains a wide variety of family stories, articles, research reports, photos and information about family reunions and events. Subscribing to the Newsletter is simple - just join the AFO! 

We are always looking for new information, articles, research reports, photos, etc. to put in the newsletter.  If you have anything that you would like to contribute, please let me know.  I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Maryellen West

If you would like to contribute family stories, articles, photos, etc. to the newsletter, please contact Maryellen prior to these dates:

February issue  (spring)        January 15 deadline
May issue   (summer)            April 15 deadline
 August issue  (fall)                July 15 deadline
 November issue (winter)     October 15 deadline

Allred Newsletter CDs Available

The Allred Family Organization began publishing the newsletter in the Fall of 1989.
Since that time, 113 issues or four per year have been published.

  The newsletters contain family histories, research, photos, plus news of Allred reunions
around the country. They are available on a CD-ROM in PDF format. An index is included.
The cost is $25 for members of the Allred Family Organization and $35 for nonmembers.
The charges include postage and handling.

   To order a CD, please send a check for $25 (AFO member) or $35 (nonmember)
to the
Allred Family Organization
11707 Indian Ridge Rd.
Reston VA  20191.