The Family of William and Elizabeth Thrasher Allred of Randolph County, North Carolina
by:  Alice Allred Pottmyer

William Allred was the second son of Thomas and Elizabeth Allred. He was born in 1756 in Orange County, North Carolina. The area where his family was living became Randolph County in 1780. He married Elizabeth Thrasher. They became the parents of eight children. About the time of the birth of their first child, Sarah, William was in a North Carolina Calvary militia. He furnished his own horse, rifle and wore his own clothing. William was in a small skirmish near Salisbury, North Carolina, against the British forces of Lord Cornwallis. He also served in the militia helping put down Tory activity in the area. In 1787, William, Elizabeth, and the first four children moved to Pendleton County, South Carolina. William Alred [Allred] is on the 1790 Federal Census in South Carolina. In the early 1790s, the family moved across the Tugaloo River into Franklin County, in Northeast Georgia seeking a Bounty land grant given to soldiers.

Because of land opportunities for American Revolutionary War soldiers, William, who was then living on the western frontier in North Carolina, went to South Carolina and then Georgia for land. This area was the new western frontier. The trek William Allred began in 1787 when he left North Carolina was the beginning of the travels that would eventually take many members of his family to the Rocky Mountain West.

About 1804/5, the growing Allred family moved into the Middle Tennessee area of Rutherford County. This area was just opened for settlement. Their land soon became Bedford County. The family was there for approximately 25 years and grew and began to prosper a little. William died in Tennessee about 1824. In 1829/30, the growing families moved into new lands just west of the Mississippi River in Ralls County, Missouri. This area soon became Monroe County. In 1831, John Murdock and Hyrum Smith, visited Allred Settlement. About a year later in 1832, 19 family members were baptized into the new Mormon faith. From there most of the family began to move further westward and eventually settled in Utah.

Even though William Allred died before the family moved further west, and the elderly Elizabeth Thrasher Allred remained in Missouri, William and Elizabeth Allred can be considered the grandparents of the Rocky Mountain Allreds. Five of their children either lived to go to Utah or had children and grandchildren that settled in Utah.

  1. Sarah Allred, born in Randolph County, North Carolina, in 1781 or 1782, married Anderson Ivie.

  2. Mary Allred, born in Randolph County, North Carolina, in 1783, married David Sanders.

  3. James Allred, born in Randolph County, North Carolina in 1784, married Elizabeth Warren.

  4. Elizabeth Allred, born in Randolph County, North Carolina, about 1786 and died at a young age.

  5. Isaac Allred born in Pendleton County, South Carolina, in 1788, married Mary Calvert.

  6. William Allred, born in Franklin County, Georgia, in 1786, married Sarah Ann Warren.

  7. Martha Allred, born in Franklin County, Georgia, about 1792, married William A. Ivie.

  8. John Allred, born in Franklin County, Georgia, about 1794, married Nancy Warren.

Who went to Utah?

Two sons of Sarah Allred and Anderson Ivie, James Russell Ivie and Thomas C. Ivie, went to Utah. Later their oldest child, Polly Ann Ivie Billington, moved to Utah.

Mary Allred Sanders died in 1820, but some of her descendants were brought to Utah by other relatives. Her son, Moses Martin Sanders settled in St. George.

James Allred moved to Utah in 1851 and founded Spring City, Utah, March 22, 1852.

Isaac went to Utah and first settled there in 1849. After the death of his wife, Mary Calvert Allred in 1852, he moved to Spring City.

Several children of William Allred came to Utah. William was beaten by a mob near Nauvoo in 1841 and he died the next day. Several of his sons went to Utah. His wife and daughters remained in the Midwest.

These five Allred/Ivie/Sanders families were the early settlers in Sanpete County, Utah, and other parts of the State of Utah.

Note: The two youngest children of William and Elizabeth Thrasher Allred, Martha and John, did not move to Utah. The fourth child, Elizabeth, died as a young child.