Allred Progenitors:   James, William, Thomas, Solomon born 1680 England

Born: 01/27/1788 Pendleton, SC
Died: 11/13/1870 Spring City, Sanpete Co., UT

Submitted by: Sharon Allred Jessop 06/09/1999

By Karla Monson, From Allred Heritage

Born Jan. 27, 1788 in Pendleton, South Carolina. Here, his father first, and later he also homesteaded. His parents, William and Elizabeth Thresher Allred in 1790 moved to Franklin Co. Georgia. In about 1812 they moved to Bedford Co. Tenn. In Tennessee Isaac married Mary Calvert on 14 February 1911 he being near 22 and she near 16. They remained in Bedford Co. until Paulinus was a few months old, then they joined their relatives in the Allred Settlement in Monroe Co., Missouri by the Salt River.  Two years following their arrival in Monroe Co. Hyrum Smith and John Murdock preached to the Allreds that a new Prophet, Joseph Smith had organized CHRIST Church on the earth.

One year passed and then the Allreds, Ivies and others were baptized on Sep. 10 1832.

The history goes on to say that from then on Isaac, James, William another Isaac, Martin AND Andrew Whitlock joined the Prophet's company to redeem Zion. Allred history goes right along with church history in all the trials and suffering of the Saints. In 1838 Isaac had 3 living daughters and nine sons. Of this family it is said, We suffered considerable from persecution and exposure.

The Allred family went through the Nauvoo period helping to build the temple and latter receiving of sacred ordinances themselves. On Jan. 17 1848 Isaac and Mary received theirs. The family was close to the Prophet and Hyrum till their death.

In 1849 Isaac Allred as captain of 50 departs for the Great Basin. They lived in Cottonwood in Salt Lake city Mary died in Sept. 1851.

In 1852 Isaac now remarried moved to Kaysville. When Johnston’s army came Brigham Young advised the saints to go south. Isaac migrates to Ephraim. Later he went to Spring City.

He died Nov. 13 1870 at eighty-two. It was said of him, He was a faithful saint and was highly esteemed by all who knew him. O. Orson Hyde officiated at the funeral and delivered a very comforting discourse to friends of the deceased.

I have taken this from article written by Karla Monson in Allred Heritage.

Clara Allred Smith