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South Carolina Allred Time Line Prior to 1850
(Names are spelled as they are in the records)

Beginning in the 1780s, Allreds began leaving their homes in North Carolina and moving for new lands and opportunity. The bordering state of South Carolina was the first state that one of the Allred families moved to. After roads were cut through the Allegheny Mountains, people from central North Carolina ventured to Georgia, Tennessee, Missouri, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Texas and Utah. Today there are Allred descendants in all states and many countries.


Source Citation: Year: 1790; Census Place: Pendleton, South Carolina; Series: M637; Roll: 11; Page: 8; Image: 21; Family History Library Film: 0568151

William Alred was on the 1790 Federal Census in Pendleton County in western South Carolina. He and his family, Elizabeth Thrasher Allred, and children, Sarah, Mary, James and Elizabeth moved there about 1787 from Randolph County, North Carolina. While they were there, Isaac and William were born. The daughter, Elizabeth, died prior to the census because she is not in the female count and there are no further records for her. Below is the actual handwritten listing for William Alred. The columns denote:

1st column:  free white males of 16 years and up;
2nd column: free white males under the age of 16;
3rd column: free white females;
4th column: All Other Race Persons;
5th column: Slaves.

Thus, this census listing shows us William and Elizabeth with three sons (James, Isaac and William) and two daughters (Sarah and Mary).


Source Citation:  Year: 1800; Census Place: Pendleton District, South Carolina; Series: M32; Roll: 50; Page: 163; Image: 324; Family History Library Film: 181425

Per the 1800 Federal Census, no Allreds were living in South Carolina. However, there was a listing for Rebekha Aldredge and she was living in the Pendleton District.  (Disclaimer:  DNA has proven Aldridge and Allred are two separate families unrelated except by a few marriages.  However, knowing spelling mistakes are common in census records, I wanted to include this listing.)  The columns denote:

1st:  males age 10 and under
2nd:  males 11-16
3rd:  males 17-26
4th: males 27-45
5th: males 46 and older
6th females age 10 and under
7th:  females 11-16
8th: females 15-26
9th: females 27-45
10th: females 46 and older
11th: free colored persons
12th: Slaves

April 12, 1809: Israel Allred filed a plat for 414 acres on “branch of Tinkers Creek waters of Savannah River” Barnwell District, SC. (SC Archives # S213192, Vol. 41, page 451)

April 12, 1809: Jonathan Allred filed a plat for 74 acres on “waters of Tinker Creek”, Barnwell District, SC. (SC Archives # S213192, Vol. 41, page 449)

Jonathan Allred and Phineas Allred are living in Barnwell County, South Carolina per the 1810 Federal Census.

Source Citation:  Year: 1810; Census Place: Barnwell, Barnwell, South Carolina; Roll: 60; Page: 170; Image: 00096; Family History Library Film: 0181419

Levi Allred  and Elias Allred are living in Pendleton County, South Carolina per the 1810 Federal Census.

Source Citation:  Year: 1810; Census Place: Pendleton, South Carolina; Roll: 61; Page: 260; Image: 00283; Family History Library Film: 0181420

Source Citation:  Year: 1810; Census Place: Pendleton, South Carolina; Roll: 61; Page: 234; Image: 00282; Family History Library Film: 0181420

The columns denote:
1st: males under age 10
2nd: males 10-15
3rd: males 16-25
4th: males 26-44
5th: males 45 and older
6th: females under age 10
7th: females 10-15
8th: females 16-25
9th: females 26-44
10th: females 45 and older
11th: free colored persons
12th: Slaves

March 18, 1814: Jonathan Allred is named Co-Executor in William Stringfellow’s Will. Stringfellow’s family: wife Rebecka, slaves David, Fillis, Esau, Rody, Peg and Ralph; sons William, Richard, Robert; daughters Betty Baldwin, Marian Wiliamson, Dorithy Jenkins, Lusina Elkins; Grand daughters Linna Smith, Aseana Stringfellow and Charlot Stringfellow; witnesses: Stephen Roberts, James Stringen, Samuel Sprawls. (Will Book A, Page 177, SC Archives # S108093, Reel 0005, Frame 184)

July 21, 1815: John Allred filed a plat for 152 acres on “Buck Creek waters of Great Salkehatchie”. (SC Archives, #S213192, Vol. 44, page 63)

1818: Aaron Aldrid is listed on the Warren County Tax List for Captain Neal’s District: 1 Poll, 3 Slaves, 100 Acres, Quality P, Warren County, Grantee was Averitt, water course: Stamp Branch, Adjoiner: English, Worth: 1 Dollar, 46 Cents, 00 Mills. (Some Early Tax Digests of Georgia, page 234, collected and Edited by Ruth Blair, SC Archives.)

Nov 25, 1818: Jonathan Allred filed a plat for 33 acres on Tinker Creek, Barnwell District, SC. (SC Archives, #S213192, Vol. 45, page 363)

Nov 25, 1818: John Armstrong filed a plat for 317 acres on “Wolf Branch waters of Tinkers Creek” bordered by Ezra Allred. (SC Archives, #S213192, Vol. 45, page 358)

Per the 1820 Federal Census for South Carolina, 4 Allreds were living in the state.
Bashaby Allred and Jonathan Allred were living in the Barnwell District.

Source Citation:  1820 U S Census; Census Place: Barnwell District, Barnwell, South Carolina; Page: 11; NARA Roll: M33_119; Image: 30

Source Citation:  1820 U S Census; Census Place: Barnwell District, Barnwell, South Carolina; Page: 2; NARA Roll: M33_119; Image: 13

Elias Allred and Levi Allred were living in Pendleton District.

Source Citation:  1820 U S Census; Census Place: Pendleton, South Carolina; Page: 225; NARA Roll: M33_120; Image: 290

Source Citation:  1820 U S Census; Census Place: Pendleton, South Carolina; Page: 224; NARA Roll: M33_120; Image: 289

The columns denote:
1st: males 10 and under
2nd: males 11-15
3rd: males 16-18
4th: males 19-26
5th: males 27-45
6th: males 46 and older
7th: females 10 and under
8th: females 10-16
9th: females 17-26
10th: females 27-45
11th: females 45 and older

Dec 15, 1820: Jacob Bates filed a plat for 609 acres on Pond Branch waters of the Upper Three (Creek) bounded by “lands granted to Azery Allred”.   (SC Archives, #S213192, Vol. 46, page 234)

Dec 19, 1820: Edmund Brown filed a plat for 44 acres on Tinkers Creek, Barnwell District, SC, bordered by Jonathan Allred. (SC Archives, #S213192, Vol. 46, Page 249)

June 20, 1821: Owen McDaniel filed a plat for 137 acres located in Barnwell District on Aaron’s Branch waters of Tinker Creek, land bordered by the “Estate of Ezra Allred”. (SC Archives, #S213192, Vol. 46, Page 479)

1827: William Aldred received land in the Land Lottery of Georgia, Captain Kinseys’ District, No. 193, District 5, Section 5 (Reprint of the Official Register of Land Lottery of Georgia 1827, page 58, Compiled and Published by Miss Martha Lou Houston.)

2 Allreds are listed on the 1830 Federal Census for South Carolina.
Levi Alred was living in Pickens County. This census had 23 columns, too many to break down here, but Levi’s family is listed as:
1 male under age 5
1 male of 40 and under 50
1 female of 40 and under 50
1 female of 70 and under 80

Source Citation:  1830; Census Place: Pickens, South Carolina; Series: M19; Roll: 173; Page: 296; Family History Library Film: 0022507

M. Allred was living in Edgefield District.  His/her family was listed as:
1 male age 8-9
1 male age 30-39
1 female age 5-9
1 female age 10-14
1 female age 20-29
1 female slave under age 10
1 female slave age 24-35

Source Citation:  1830; Census Place: Edgefield, South Carolina; Series: M19; Roll: 172; Page: 183; Family History Library Film: 0022506

Oct. Term 1837: Levi Alred signed a Presentment (petition) concerning the division of Pendleton District into two Election Districts, the inequities in the road laws, the license law for spirituous liquor, and the executors and administrators of estates not required to give security for the management of the estates intrusted to them. (SC Archives, #S165010, Year 1837, Item 00035)

1838: William B. Allred received land in the 6th District, 4th Section, Cherokee Land Lottery. (Cherokee Land Lottery, containing a Numerical List of the Names of the Fortunate Drawers in said Lottery, page 344, by James F. Smith, SC Archives.)

Levi Alredd was the only Allred listed on the Federal Census for South Carolina. He was living in Pickens District, Pickens County, SC. His family was listed as:
1 male of 15 and under 20
1 male of 50 and under 60
1 female of 15 and under 20
1 female of 50 and under 60

Source Citation:  Year: 1840; Census Place: Pickens District, Pickens, South Carolina; Page: 393

Oct. 18, 1842: Levi Allerd witnessed the Will of Elijah Barnett of Pickens County, SC. Other witnesses were Moses Hendricks and J. Trotter. Barnett’s family listed are: wife Rosannah, son James J., daughter Lurana. (Will Book 1, page 83, SC Archives #S108093, Reel 0021, Frame 00134)

May 17, 1842: Levi Allred witnessed the Will of John Field of Pickens District, SC. Other witnesses were B. J. Williams, Joel M. Walker, Eli Watson. Field’s family: wife Rahab, slaves Isaac, Joanna “and her two children Dick and Ben,”, “old negro woman Rose.” (Will Book 1, page 97, SC Archives #S108093, Reel 0021, Frame 00132)

The 1850 Federal Census is the first US Census to give us some real details about the people listed. Whereas the earlier census only gave us the names of the Head of Household, in 1850 we learn the names of all members of the household along with their ages, occupation, value of real estate, if they were married within the year, the state where they were born, and more.  Ira Allred is the only Allred listed on the 1850 census for South Carolina, living in Prince George Winyaw, Georgetown County, South Carolina. He was 63 years old, a school master and born in New Hampshire.

Source Citation:  Year: 1850; Census Place: Prince George Winyaw, Georgetown, South Carolina; Roll: M432_853; Page: 297B; Image: 24