Solomon born 1680 England
.....Thomas c.1730 - 1810
..........James 1754-1847

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Elias Allred Sr.
by:  Donald Forbes Forsyth, Sr.
Certified Genealogist

  Elias Allred, Sr. and several members of his family were among the early pioneers of
Hall County, Georgia. He was born on May 6, 1758 the son of Thomas and Elizabeth
Allred of Orange (now Randolph) County, North Carolina. Elias died in Hall County circa
1844. He probably grew to manhood on his father's farm and in 1778 married Mary (Polly)
Rigby, the daughter of John Rigby, an English emigrant. She was born circa 1757 in
Virginia and died circa 1835 in Hall County.  They are both buried in Bethany Baptist
According to professional genealogist Archibald Bennett, who did extensive research in
the 1940's, the Allreds were of English descent.
During the Revolution, Elias served two terms in the Continental Army in Capt. John
Hind's Cavalry Company and Col. Littrell's Regiment. He was first drafted on December
1, 1780 and discharged in March 1781.  He served his second term (April 1, 1781-July 1,
1781) in place of John Sitton who was married to Sarah (Sally) Rigby, Polly's sister.
According to his application for a federal pension in 1833 Elias' unit was marched to the
Cheraw Hills in South Carolina where they joined Gen. Nathaniel Greene's army. His unit
was then ordered to march along the Peedee River to Salisbury, North Carolina to meet
and assist Col. Daniel Morgan who had just defeated Col. Bonastre Tarleton at the Battle
of Cowpens and was being pursued by Lord Cornwallis.  Elias' unit slowed Cornwallis'
approach firing several rounds while Col. Morgan's men escaped across the river.  The rest
of Elias' service was spent marching back and forth across North Carolina  "keeping down
Tories" and being on call as a "minute man." After the war he returned home and
continued to farm his land and was involved in several legal actions in which he lost part
of his real and personal property in order to pay judgements assessed against him for
trespassing.  On several occasions the court in Randolph County ordered the sheriff to seize
and sell property belonging to Elias. In 1782 along with John Aldridge and George Julian,
Elias was charged with "having joined the British and was bound to the court." Upon
appearance in court they were all discharged by proclamation.
Since things were not going so well for Elias, apparently he thought it was time to leave
Randolph County and in 1815, he and Mary and the children who remained at home, along
with son William, moved to Pendleton District, South Carolina where sons Elias, Jr. and
Levi had migrated to as early as 1807.  On January 10, 1815 Elias witnessed William's
purchase of a farm from John Turner. The property was located on Busby's Mill Creek,
a branch of the Saluda River and is near the present site of Easley, South Carolina in
Southern Pickens County.  The Indians in Georgia ceded some of their lands to the United
States in 1818 opening up new opportunities to the west. Elias, Jr. and William set out as
early as 1819 for Hall County.  Elias, Sr. and Mary followed in 1827.  In the early 1830's
the Cherokees were forced to sell their remaining tribal lands in Northwest Georgia.  The
land was surveyed and distributed to Georgia residents in 1832 in the Cherokee Gold and
Land Lottery. Elias, Sr., as a Revolutionary War veteran was allowed 2 draws in the
Lottery and  was fortunate in drawing both gold and land lots as a resident in Griffin's
District. He was awarded land lot 298, 4th District, 2nd Section located in present Cherokee
County and gold lot 1151, 21st District, 2nd Section located in present Bartow County. He
apparently claimed both lots, but never moved from Hall County.  Elias, Jr. and his family
claimed the land lot and moved to Cherokee County circa 1838 about the time the
Cherokees were removed to Oklahoma.
Elias, Sr. applied for a federal pension on July 10, 1833 and was awarded $22.50 per
annum to be paid semi-annually during his natural life. The same year on December 28 he
bought 200 acres (lot 50, land district 9) in Hall (now Banks) County from David Hyde. He
added 196 acres to his farm on October 22 1838 when he bought lot 66 in land district 9
from William Saye.  This property which is in present Hall County near the town of Lula
was sold to William Sitton on February 24, 1841.  Elias and Mary lived in Hall County
until their deaths. Elias' attorney J.K. Tefft picked up his final pension payment in
Savannah in September 1844.  As part of his estate, the gold lot in Bartow County was sold
on May 30, 1849. In recent years the DAR placed a stone at Elias' gravesite to honor his
service in the Revolution.
Elias and Mary had the following children all born in Randolph Co., NC: (1) Thomas
b. 1779; d. 11 Jan 1861 Chatham Co., NC; m.  9 Sep 1803 Randolph Co. Sarah York
daughter of Jeremiah and Sarah Allred York. (2) Son, b. abt. 1781. (3) Levi b. abt. 1784;
d. after 1860. (4) William b. abt. 1787; d. aft. 1840; m. Mary Nicholson, daughter of John
Nicholson. (5) Elias, Jr. b. 9 Jun 1789; d. 12 Jun 1870 Pickens Co., GA; m. 15 Feb 1807
Pendleton Dist., SC Mary A. Harrison. (6) Son, b. abt. 1791. (7) Daughter, b. abt. 1793.
(8) Margaret b. abt. 1794; d. aft. 2 Jun 1880. (9) Mary b. abt. 1796; d. aft. 1880. (10) Son,
b. abt. 1798.
Very little is known about Polly Rigby.  According to daughter Margaret in a deposition
in Pickens County in 1875, she was one of two children born to John Rigby, whose father
was William Rigby.  There are rumors that John never received his share of his father's
English estate and Margaret was deposed hoping to claim a part of it in her latter years.

Submitted to: The Heritage of Hall County, Georgia - 2000
by: Donald Forbes Forsythe, Sr.
Certified Genealogist
915 Garden Meadow Dr.
Georgetown, TX 78628-2947 

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