The Land Surrounding The Cemetery
is Secure and Safe!

This Survey Plat Map was filed May 10, 2002 (Randolph County, NC Book 77 Page 66).  As you can see, the cemetery consists of 0.6118 Acre and, at that time, was surrounded on 3 sides by land owned by Alton and Dorothy Garner and on the 4th side by the land owned by Douglas and Myrtle Vuncannon.   As of September 18, 2020, all of that surrounding land is owned by Quincy Hill Farm, LLC.  

On September 18, 2020, Quincy Hill Farm, LLC finalized the purchase and filed the deed (Randolph County, NC Deed Book 2719 Page 2437) for the 39+ acres of land just north of the cemetery.  This land was owned by Trogdon descendant Douglas Vuncannon and his wife Myrtle and included the original homesite of William Trogdon (died 1805) who is buried in the cemetery.   William Trogdon was the original owner of the land as documented in his 1805 will.  Although the home and buildings no longer exist, some of the original hand-made bricks from the home/buildings foundations are still on the property.  This tract of land includes the old cow pasture and is bordered on the north by Deep River.  

This is EXCELLENT NEWS!  Quincy Hill Farm, LLC is owned by Trogdon descendant Ronald "Ronnie" Pugh and family who are very interested in the preservation and protection of the cemetery.  Quincy Hill Farm, LLC now owns all of the land immediately surrounding the cemetery which means the cemetery is Land-Locked and now sits in the middle of land owned and protected by Quincy Hill Farm, LLC.    Pugh told Friends of the Cemetery he plans to seed the land with trees and keep it undeveloped and used as private hunting land for the Pugh family, protecting the cemetery for the foreseeable future.   In addition, Pugh has installed live-action cameras all around the property that are linked to his media and notify him whenever anyone enters the property.   

Pugh also told Friends of the Cemetery he plans to grade and fix the access road and create a parking area so cemetery visitors can safely and easily drive their vehicles during cemetery visits.    In addition, the gate lock and key will be changed to more tightly control who can enter the property and access the cemetery.   

For more information about the cemetery, please contact Jean or Linda