John Allred (son of William #2) Revolutionary War Pension Application transcription

John's War Stories

(Transcribed as written)


In order to obtain the Benefit of the act of Congress of the 7th of June 1832.

State of North Carolina, Randolph County

on this 11th day of April 1846 personaly appeard before the undrsigned one of the actin Justes of the peece and the member of the Cort of pleas and quarter sessions in and for said County of Randolph, John Aldred a resedent of said County and State aged Eighty two years who being First dewley sworn according to Law doth on his oath make the following decularation order to obtain the Benefit of the act of Congress past June 7, 1832.

That he Enterd the services of the United Stats as Privet and volinteer of Cavalry under Captin Thomas Coogan in the spring of seventeen hundard and eighty one for the purpes of suldurn and puting down on Col. Fanning, a tory and that he served untel the next spring whitch to the best of his Recolection was the Rise of one year.  That when  he enterd the surves as afore said he was a Resident of Rowan County, North Carolina and Enterd the surves when he was about seventeen years old age and Receved a discharg at the runmination of his surves whitch he give to his Father and it is Long since mislade he herd.  By Relinquishes every clain what ever to a pension or annuity except the presant and declare that his name is not on the pension role of the agency of any state that from old age and infurmity of Body and sence ______loss of memry he can not state in detail his Revlutionary services as mite be expected or requird by the rules of the war department and purhaps ough to present his clame for pension long since and shood have done so but for fear of trubel and expense and has soluted the hand of a frend to Endict this Decularation that from old age and feeblemess of Body he is unable to atent cort to make his decularation.

Sworn to and subscribd befor me the 11th day of April 1846

Thos. Branson, JP

John Allred (his mark)


Know all men by these presents that I John Allred of the County of Randolph and State of North Carolina and one of the children and legal representatives of John Allred, a Revolutionary Soldier and Sarah Allred his wife, who is not deceased, do hereby erevicably constitute and appoint John T. Neely of Washing City and District of Columbia my true and lawful attorney for me and in my name to examine into and prosecute any claim that may be due or found to be due the children and legal representatives of John Allred and Sarah Allred in virtue of John Allred's services in the Revolutionary Way and the several acts and resolutions of Congress relative thereof and that might have accrued to either of the said parties and not drawn during their lifetime and now due to their legal representatives and to receive the certificate of Pension so when apaid by the Department:  hereby confirming whatsoeer my said attorney may do or cause to be legally done either in pension or by substitution ie the presecution of said clause except drawing money on the said claim, and revoking any other authority, I may have give to any other person or persons in the previous whatsoever.

In testimony where of I have hereunto set my hand and seal this the 11th day of December A D 1852

John Neely (seal)

Signed in the presence of _______


June 29, 1846

The application of John Aldred for a pension under the act of 7 June 1832 has been examined and filed.  This claim is asserted for a continuous service of 12 mos from Spring of 1781.  This could have been rendered only in the Continental Line evidence of which should be found in the office of the Secretary of State of Raleigh.  This certificate of the ______ of Public Accounts exhibits where payments made to John Aldred and S. Aldrid amounting to L 31.3 which wuold cover a service of nearly 12 mos.  The militia service in NC was rendered in tours of 3 months each and were not embodied for so long a period as twelve months at any one time.  The Comptrollers certificate therefore affords no evidence of the service as set forth by claimant.  Nor does the testimony of the witnesses show that he rendered any service whatever.

Hon Alfred Dockery