George Allred contributed most of the information on this page.  Unfortunately, he is now deceased, but his notes and information are compelling, thus posted here:

Circumstantial evidence leads us to believe Azariah Allred was sometimes called Ezra Allred.  We think, and I stress this is just theory based on circumstantial evidence right now, but we think Azariah's father was Phineas Allred, son of Solomon Allred who died 1782 Richmond County, NC.  The first known documentation on Azariah is listed in Georgia Passport records, dated Friday, November 10, 1809 when he was granted a passport allowing him to travel through "the Creek Nation of Indians".  Azariah, his father-in-law John Bolling, and their families arrived in Amite County, Mississippi.  Note:  Azariah's purported brother, John Allred, also settled in Amite County, MS.  Another interesting note is:  family stories say Phineas Allred died in Franklin County, MS.   

Azariah Allred c1780 - c1818

possible lineage:  Azariah, Phineas, Solomon
(Info contributed by George Allred and notes compiled from e-mail conversations between me (Linda Allred Cooper) and Elwood Allred, Nancy Chisholm Benson and Jim Allred (1996-1997).  Sadly George, Elwood and Jim are now deceased and I no longer have contact information for Nancy Chisholm Benson.)

Allred Family Cemetery, Brookhaven, Lincoln County, Mississippi
Some of these family members are buried in this long abandoned cemetery

    Solomon Allred first shows up in North Carolina land records in 1752 when he received a land grant for land located in today's Randolph County.  This land was sold by a Solomon Allred (most likely the son of the man who received the 1752 land grant) in 1771 and moved south to Richmond County, NC.  Per his estate records, he died there in 1782.

    After his death, his sons, Phineas, Jonathan, Solomon, Francis and John, appear in land and tax records for Richmond County for a brief time.  Phineas is listed in the 1790 Federal Census for Richmond County, NC (page 45, Fayette District) as:
Males over age 16:  1 (Phineas)
Males under age 16:  4 (sons Solomon, William, Robert and possibly Azariah)
Females:  1 (wife?  daughter?)

   ( The 1790 census did not list the names of any of Phineas family members, so the names listed above come from other resources.)

    On May 25, 1801, Jonathan and Phineas sold their land to Hubbard William and both moved to Barnwell County, South Carolina.  (Richmond County, NC Deed book E, 1799 - 1801, pages 218 & 219)  Both men show up on the 1810 Federal Census for Barnwell County, SC.

    In the early 1800's traveling west of Georgia meant traveling through dangerous Indian territories.  Passports were required for travel, the government's way of trying to keep up with how many white settlers were traveling and the routes they were taking.  Page 249 of the book Passports of Southeastern Pioneer 1770 - 1823 lists the following information:

       Georgia Passports
Executive Department
Friday, 10th November 1809
On recommendation
That a passport be prepared for John Bolling and Azariah Alldred with their families to travel through the Creek Nation of Indians which was present and signed.

    This is the first documented evidence we have for Azariah.  John Bolling (Boling) was his father-in-law.  Azariah was married to John's daughter, Celia.  This family group had arrived in Amite County, Mississippi by 1813.  Per notes from George Allred:

        "On a trip to Mississippi, I located a book titled, "Amite County, Mississippi 1699 - 1865, Volume II, The Churches".  This book contains the minutes from the original books of the Baptist and Presbyterian Churches in Amite County, MS. John Bowlin, father-in-law of Ezra/Azariah, and Ezra/Azariah Allred are identified in the minutes of the Zion Hill Baptist Church in October 1813 when Ezra was admitted to the church.  January 1816 Brothers Bowlin and Allred had a charge brought against them for non-attendance.  March 1816 Brother Bowlin reported that Brother Allred told him he did not intend to fill his seat in conference for which he was excommunicated.  Selah Allred, believed to be Celia Bowlin Allred, was mentioned also in the minutes of this church.  Selah was also mentioned 2 times in the minutes of the Mars Hill Baptist Church at a much later date as having been admitted to that church."

   Azariah and Celia had moved their family to Franklin County, MS by 1816 when their twin sons, Ezekial and Ezra were born.  Ezra died around 1839/1840.  Two years before his death, Ezra married Ranah Elizabeth Wactor in Franklin County, MS.  (Per Mark Lazarre, Azariah must have died about 1818 in Franklin County, MS.  He is listed on the 1817 tax list, but his wife is listed alone in 1819.)

    Ezekial grew to man-hood and married Mary Ann Chisholm.  His second wife was Louretta Wainwright (11/10/1841 - 5/16/1926).  Ezekial and Mary Ann had seven children:

            Alice Elizabeth Allred born 1836 in Amite County, MS.  She died before 1910 and was married to John Bowlin (a cousin?)

            John Ezra Allred, Sr. born January 26, 1838 in Amite County, MS, died November 25, 1909 in Franklin Co., MS.  He married his first wife, Missouri Ann Bowlin (cousin?), October 7, 1869 in Amite Co., MS.  His second wife was Margaret A. Howell.

            William H. Allred born March 4, 1840, died 1917.  He was married twice, first time to Martha/Sarah (last name unknown) and second wife Maudy Boggs.

            Mary I. Allred born 1843

            Harriett Adeliza Allred born March 4, 1847, died August 1, 1923.  She married William Jack Lewis.

            Ezekiel E or Z Allred, II, born 1849 or 1850.  He married Martha A. Howell on November 25, 1869 in Amite County, MS.

            Sarah Adaline Allred born October 12, 1852 and died sometime after 1900.  She was married to Thomas E. Miley.

    Ezekial and his second wife, Louretta, had the following children:

            Celia Bell Allred married a Davis

            Carl Daniel Allred

            Tom Dixon Allred

            Martin Ezekiel Allred born November 1884, three months after his father, Ezekiel Allred, died.