1881 Deed
Joseph and E. A. Allred to John A. Allred

Blount County, Alabama
Deed Book V, page 542-543

Wallace State College Library microfilm

State of Alabama

Blount County

Know all men by these presents that in

consideration of the sum of Three hundred

and seventy five dollars to un in hand

paid by John A. Allred the receipt of which

hereby acknowledged have this day bargain

ed sold and conveyed and do by these

presents bargain sell and convey to said

John A. Allred the following described

tract or parcel of land to wit: beginning

at the south east corner of said ___

on north side of

John Street or Road thence at right angles

north fifty feet thence at right angles

north fifty feet thence at right angles __

hundred & two feet to the right of way of south

& north Ala Rail Road and thence south at right

angles fifty feet to Johnson street or road thence

east along said street to place of beginning

one hundred and two feet

to have and to hold unto him the said John A. Allred

his heirs Executors administrators and assigns

forever fee simple & we hereby ____ with

the said John A. Allred this we are seized in fee

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx simple & we

hereby convenant with the said John A. Allred

that we seized in fee of the & agreed forever to

defend the same from al lawful claims of all

personas whatsoever.

Joseph Allred (seal)

  1. A. Allred (seal)

State of Alabama

Morgan County

I Benajah Sheets an acting

Justice of Peace do whereby

certify that the 23 of October 1881 Mrs. E. A. Allred

believed to be the wife of the within

described Joseph Allred who is

examined separate and apart from

her husband has made her signature to

forever and acknowledged that she

signed the same of voluntarily and with no

___  or constaint or threats on

the part of her husband in witness

whereof there unto set my hand this Oc 22


Benajah Sheats

Justice of the Peace