1877 Deed
James Allred to P. H. Kinney

Blount County, Alabama
Deed Book U, Page 199-200

Wallace State College Library microfilm

State of Alabama

Cullman County

Know all men by these presents

that having this day received of said

  1. H. Kinney seventy nine dollars advanced in provision

and having given on note bearing the date with this in-

strument and due on the 1st day of Nov 1877 for said sum of

money & James Allred do hereby declare that said advance was

obtained by me in consideration for the purpose of making a crop the

present year on my farm in Blount County and that without

the same it would ___ or in any forever to procure the necces-

sary team, provisions, and farming instruments to make a crop

and in consideration or paid advance due to secure the same I hereby

grant, bargain, sell, and convey to the said P. H. Kinney the entire crop of

of cotton and corn which may be produced during the present

gear on said farm and also the following property to wit:

one bay mule 3 years old, one mare 9 or 10 years old.

To have and to hold to the said P. H. Kinney but this conveyances is upon

the following conditions of I fully pay said note on or before

the said 1st day of Nov 1877 when the same falls due when this

conveyances is to be said, but if afraid to pay said note ___ or

in the whole when the same falls due then the said P. H. Kinney

or his agent is authorized to take possession of said property on

any part of it and is also authorized after giving ten days

notice of the time and place of sale by notice posted on the

courthouse door and three other public places in said county

to sell the same to the highest bidder for case in the town of

Hanceville in Cullman County and to make titles to the pur-

chases and out of the proceeds of such sale copay

1st the expenses of seizing advertising selling and conveying

2nd the amount which may be due and unpaid or said note and

lastly shall return any surplus of proceeds to the under signed.

Witness my hand and seal this the 4th day of April 1877.

James Allred (seal)

Witness:  F. H. Kinney

The foregoing conveyances was filed

for recording this office on the 9th day of May 1877 and

duly recorded.

  1. W. Moore

Probate Judge