1868 Deed
Nathan and Lucy Allred to Henry J. Perkins

Blount County, Alabama
Deed Book B, Page 362-363

Wallace State College Library microfilm

This Indenture made & entered into this Twenty third day of May

1868 between Nathan Allred & Lucey Allred wife of said Nathan of

Blount County & State of Alabama of the one part and Henry J. Per-

kins of the aforesaid State & county of the other part Witnesseth

that said Nathan & said Lucy for and in consideration of the sum of

three hundred dollars in their in hand paid the receipt is hereof is

hereby acknowledged hath this day bargained alien and profited of these

presents do bargain, sell, alien and profit and convey unto the said

Henry J. Perkins and to the heirs of said Henry J. Perkins forever all

that tract of land situate lying & being in the said county of Blount

and state aforesaid (___) the sixth part of North ____ of ___

section No. Thirty in Township section of Range No two east con-

____ forty nine or fifty hundred the of ___ of the lands situated

to be sold at Auction the Alabama to have and to hold the above desir-

ed tract or parcel of land with all the tenements appurtences there-

___ belonging or in any wise belonging thereunto me the said Henry

  1. Perkins forever and the said Nathan Allred and Lucy Allred for them-

selves their heirs Executors and administrators do warrant and

will forever and against the lawful to the said Nathan & Lucy and

all and every person or persons claiming or holding under them the said

Nathan & Lucy also against the lawful title claim orders of all and every

person or persons whomsoever claiming or holding by law under

the Government of the United States the Testimony whereof the

said Nathan Allred and the s’d Lucy Allred have hereunto set their

names and seals The day and date on this written:

Nathan Allred (Seal)

Lucy (herXmark) Allred (Seal)

The State of Alabama

Blount County

Personally appeared before me I W. Walker

one sitting Justice of the Peach in and for said county the above named

Lucy Allred who acknowledged in a private examination separate and

apart from her husband (Nathan Allred) that she signed sealed and

delivered this Deed on the day & year in it mentioned to the said Henry

  1. Perkins for the ____ aforesaid for the purposes in it ___

and relinquished her dower in & to the lands therein qualified as her

own freely & voluntarily without any fear _____

of the said Nathan Allred her said husband given voluntarily by hand

and seal in the county aforesaid this twenty third day of May

in the year of Christ 1868 done in presence of me at my office

George W. Walker (LS) a Justice of the Peace for Blount County

came personally before me on the day and date above me afore-

said Nathan Allred who acknowledged that he signed sealed and

delivered the foregoing Deed on the day and year therein men-

tioned to me the aforesaid Henry J. Grisham, May 3, 1868

George W. Walker (Seal)