Sometimes a teacher was responsible for the was ALLRED was spelled.  Here are some stories told to me over the years.

If you have a story - let us know and we'll add it to the list!!!

  1.  First day of school, the teacher asked us to spell our names.  I spelled my name: ALLRED.  Teacher said that was wrong.  The correct spelling was ALDRIDGE.  But, I explained, my mom and dad had taught me to spell it ALLRED.  Teacher said they were wrong.  The correct spelling was ALDRIDGE.  So, my name was changed to ALDRIDGE and remained that all throughout my school years.  By the time I graduated, I was so used to spelling it that way, it stuck.
  2. As happens in many families, Daddy married and after having several children, Mommy died.  Daddy married again and had several more children with his 2nd wife.  The children of Daddy's first wife did not get along with the children of Daddy's 2nd wife.  As a feud grew, the children of Daddy's first wife dropped one of the Ls from their name, spelling it ALRED and proudly claiming they were no longer related to the children of the 2nd wife who spelled their name ALLRED.  This county now has ALLREDs and ALREDs running around, all claiming they are not related, and yet all trace their lineage back to Daddy.
  3. One family told me their last name was spelled ALLREAD.  When I asked why, they replied their great grandfather had decided ALLRED didn't quite have enough OOMPH and didn't sound or look prestigious enough, so he added the A, changing the name to ALLREAD - much more fancy - don't you think?