Many Thanks To Sandy Allred for the photos and reunion review!!!!

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2021 Reunion in Spring City

The Reunion opened with a Big Welcome from Reunion Organizer Larry Allred.  He and Bob Olson talked about the history of the Spring City Reunion and the Allred Family Organization, both organized in 1989, and how things have changed since then.    In light of falling interest and attendance over the last few years, discussion focused on ideas for incorporating modern technology, social media, livestream and/or zoom as a ways of inspiring younger Allreds to get involved.

Spring City Mayor Cynthia Allred DeGrey spoke about $500 donation from Bill Parkin which was matched by the Rocky Mountain Allreds and will be spent on maintaining and updating the Spring City Cemetery.  Plans include new paint on the signs, re-design the structure, update the directory, install a light for the flagpole, add room for holiday and special occasion flags and add a new Display Case. 

Bob Olson and Larry Allred talked about updating the Spring City Walking Tour Guide so people can easily find the homes their ancestors lived in.   Bill Olson talked about Family Story Telling and how important it is to share these stories with our children and grandchildren. 

Lawrence Lewis and Keith Allred both spoke about the books they are writing about their respective ancestors:  Isaac Allred (1813-1859) and Reuben Warren Allred (1827-1916).   Both plan to have their books ready for publication soon (dates not announced).  Don Christensen talked about visiting cemeteries and talking about the ancestors buried there - how important it is to keep the old stories alive.

Following lunch, AFO President Alice Allred Pottmyer gave a PowerPoint presentation on her ancestor, James Allred (1784-1876). Born in Randolph County, North Carolina, James traveled with his family to South Carolina, Georgia, Bedford County, Tennessee, Missouri, Illinois, and Iowa before moving to Utah.  While in Illinois, James Allred helped build the Nauvoo Temple.  Before he was murdered, LDS Prophet Joseph Smith gave one of his swords to James Allred.  That sword is now on display in the Nauvoo Temple.  James is buried in the Spring City Cemetery.

Following Alice's presentation, Bob Olson expanded a bit on James Allred, talking about how he worked on building the Nauvoo Temple and brought the sword Joseph Smith had given him to Utah. 

The 2022 Reunion in Spring City, Utah will be held Friday and Saturday, June 24th and 25th.  Plans will be posted on this website when available.  We hope to see you there!