2023 Allred Reunion in North Carolina
Home of the Allred Family since 1745

   The Reunion (Aug 26, 2023) was a huge success!  Attendees included Allred Cousins from Washington State, Utah, Missouri, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia and Florida.  Speakers were: 

Linda Allred Cooper - Future Plans for www.MyAllredFamily.com and Allred History Zooms

Jean Covington LaCoss - Current Status of the Billy Trogdon Cemetery

          Larry Cates - Ongoing Allred Genealogical Research


          Mike Kidd - Allred DNA Project and the Allred Family Tree on Ancestry.com


          Bob Olson - Allred Family Organization (AFO)  

The entire AFO Board was at the reunion:

          Alice Allred Pottmyer, President   

          Bob Olson, Vice President

          Larry Allred, Treasurer
Christian Tangren, Acting Secretary

          Debra Tangren, Newsletter Editor

Door Prizes included many prints of the Randolph County Courthouse, Allred Mill in Cedar Falls, the JFK Rocker and a snowy country scene all very generously donated by Jean Covington LaCoss