2018 Allred Gathering
in North Carolina

Held in Siler City, NC
Saturday, August 23, 2018


Jan Mueller (AL), Sue Estep (NC), Linda Allred Cooper (NC), Pat Patteson (CA) and Marty Green (NC).
Jan and Pat were 2 of the Gathering Organizers.

Allred Cousins going through the cafeteria line.  YUM!!

That's my (Linda Allred Cooper) parents JoAnn and Jack Allred in the foreground.

Alice Allred Pottmyer (NC), Phyllis Allred (GA), Ed Allred (GA), Marty Green (NC), Janice Olson (UT), Bob Olson (UT) and Stephannie Walker (NC)


JT Meuller (AL), Jack Allred (NC), JoAnn Allred (NC, and Pat Patteson (CA)

Enjoying Lunch Time!

Allred Cousins enjoying Lunch!!!  Joe York (NC) was too busy eating but his wife Mildred Allred York (pink top) has a big smile!  Jeff and Michelle Allred smiling in the background!!

Branson Allred (NC) and Doris Allred (NC) in the foreground.  Big smiles on the right from Gary and LouAnn Potts Allred (NC)

Robert Allen modeling his Allred T-Shirt and wife Donna (left) and mother Dot Allred Allen (right) all of NC.  Background is Sue Estep (NC) and Nancy Judd Martin (NC)

Founding Member of the East Coast Allreds and one of the BEST people on this earth Franklin Allred (NC)

Linda Allred Cooper and Larry Cates.  Larry presented a report on his latest research about his Allred Ancestors

Door Prize Time!!

Franklin brought some posters displaying photos of Allred Fun from past reunions and trips.

Larry Cates' presentation

Larry Cates' presentation

Jim Allred and wife from South Boston, VA

Bob Olson's presentation with Alice Allred Pottmyer's help

The start of the Tour of Allred Sites - visit to Aunt Bea's grave.  (Aunt Bea [Frances Bavier] of Andy Griffith Show fame)  Jars of pickles are sitting on the base of her monument in remembrance of one special episode.

Tour stop on the bridge over Sandy Creek on the land that John Allred died 1792) and his uncle Thomas Allred (died 1810) owned.

Ed Allred (GA), Bob and Janice Olson (UT) on the bridge over Sandy Creek on land where their ancestor Thomas Allred (died 1810) lived

On the bridge over Sandy Creek.  From right:  Ed Allred (GA), Maggie Campbell (NC), Stephannie Walker (NC), Phyllis Allred (GA), Dedra Routh (NC)