Michael "Mike" Kidd
DNA Co-Manager

Allred Lineage:  Mike, James, Walter Lee, William H., Masten, John, Elias, Thomas, Solomon born 1680 Lancashire, England

Mike enlisted in the US Navy in 1975 and retired in January, 2010. He was a 2nd Class Petty Officer operating electronic surveillance equipment in PC3 Orion aircraft when selected for a NROTC Scholarship to attend the University of Texas, Austin. Upon commissioning as an Ensign he attended Navy Nuclear Power School and Submarine School and was first assigned to the USS Casimir Pulaski (SSBN-633 Gold crew). Shore duty then took him back to teach at the UT Austin NROTC program where he met and married his wife of 32 years, Renee Kidd. He then helped build and served in the USS Newport News (SSN-750).

In 1995 Mike transitioned into the Navy’s Full Time Support (FTS) community and became a Navy Reserve Force manager. He had three command tours and retired as the Regional Commander for Navy Reserve Forces for the Northwest Region.

Mike got interested in family history and genealogy because his dad, James Kidd, and his wife were both adopted. His dad was also career Navy and did not find out he was adopted until he enlisted in the Navy for WWII. James was never given any information about his adoption so we turned to FTDNA and Ancestry DNA to try to discover our roots. Using FTDNA Y-DNA and with help from the Allred Family Organization we established we belonged to the Allred male line. Ancestry DNA then helped to connect our line to the Allred Family tree which comes down from Solomon’s son Thomas Allred.

Mike and Renee Kidd live in Mill Creek, Washington which is about 30 miles North of Seattle. They have two grown sons. Mike has been researching family trees for over 5 years and has helped 15 other family and Ancestry members with adoption issues build DNA family trees. His Allred Family tree contains over 10,400 names on it and is happy to share his tree with AFO members and his Allred Cousins.