Atherton Cemetery, Lancashire County, England

In the AFO Newsletter, No. 59, p. 3, Summer 2004, Peter Wood, Rotoura, New Zealand, wrote explaining the Allred/Alldred in his family:

“I thought you might like to see a photo I took in December 2003 when I was back in Atherton, England, for my mother’s funeral. I have never looked around Atherton Cemetery before. I was quite surprised to see this memorial for my great great grandparents, John and Ann (nee Fairbrother) Allred. My great grandmother, Sarah, was their
daughter. “Note the spelling! John was both baptized and married (I have the marriage certificate) as Allred, but the “d” crept into the name over the years, though the family did keep the double L. But not so in the General Register Office death index which has him as John Aldred.  “Thomas was John and Ann’s son. John Alldred’s birth and baptism are recorded in the LDS IGI, incorrectly located at “Newbent Chapel Presbyterian, Chowbent, Lancashire, England.” There is no such place as Newbent Chapel. It is properly Chowbent Chapel, or the New Bent Chapel, which
was not its proper name, but a name used by locals to distinguish it from the Old Bent Chapel; Bent=Chowbent=Atherton. All the same place.”