The DNA Graph

The Chart shows Groups divided by color.
More info and reports about each of these groups coming as time allows.

Group 1:  Blue Gray -  Allreds who never left Lancashire, England!!

Group 2:  Beige - A growing group of Allreds who descend from John Allred (died 1792 Randolph County, NC) who was
the son of an unnamed Allred woman (daughter of Solomon Allred born 1680 England) and Samuel Finley

Group 3:  Light Blue - The largest group with expected results, descendants of Thomas Allred (died 1810 Randolph County, NC),
William Allred (died 1825 Randolph County, NC) and/or Solomon Allred (died 1782 Richmond County, NC) - all descendants of Solomon Allred born 1680 Lancashire, England.

Group 4:  Green - Mystery Results - Illegitimate child or Adoption somewhere in the family tree?

Group 5:  Yellow -  No DNA match - but mystery solved.

Group 6:  Lavender - Aldridge / Alldridge - NOT related to Allred

Group 7:  Fuscia - Could this group be descendants of an Allred Female, Catherine Allred?  Most interesting is that
this Y Chromosome DNA matches Robbins.

Tests and research are ongoing.
Contact our Project Chair John Allred if you have any questions or need further information.